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  • Get a year's worth of New Vessel Press book with a subscription plan!

Subscription Plan - Season 2 - Paperbacks


Free Shipping

New Vessel Press is pleased to offer a subscription plan -- you get six books for 30% off the cover price. Well, seven books, actually, since we'll send you a book of your choice from our backlist -- just specify the title, and we'll include it when we send you your first subscription plan title.

We'll send you each book as it is published, so you'll be the first of your friends to receive the newest novels from New Vessel Press, and you don't have to go any further than your mailbox to get them. AND we'll throw in a stylish tote bag -- we call it "literary chic" -- so you'll have something to put all your beautiful books in.

Easy, smart -- and really good reading. Makes a great gift, too. It's like saying "I'm thinking of you" six times instead of just once! Let us know and we'll include a note from you to the recipient. 

The six books in the subscription plan for the upcoming year are:

I Called Him Necktie

Who Is Martha?

All Backs Were Turned

Guys Like Me

Alexandrian Summer

Killing Auntie

Plus, you take a pick of a free book from our backlist.

$75.00 covers EVERYTHING - including Shipping!

(Sorry, for now we're only offering this option in the USA. Please note: Occasional discount offers DO NOT apply to this already discounted offer.)